It’s really true! Alcohol does boost flavor.

Alcohol makes everything better. I know that sounds like something an alcoholic would say but believe me, I’m not a rum-head, she says as she gives a one eyed wink. Any recipe with some alcohol in it, is my idea of walking in culinary heaven. But as several of us know, most alcohol, when cooked, basically burns off into some abyss that I have yet to find. In any case, I found a recipe for vodka sauce and I wanted to see what would be the end result….if I would taste even a hint of the alcohol. What do you think was the outcome?

I think that vodka sauce is a very fascinating recipe for the simple fact that vodka doesn’t have a flavor per se, yet when a small (or somewhat large) amount is added to a tomato based sauce, such wonderful things can and WILL happen. It seems like whatever properties are in the tomatoes get released once vodka is added to the party.

The original recipe didn’t call for any pork products but as I had almost 4 packages of bacon on hand, I decided to use some. The smokiness of the bacon seemed to add even more character to the dish. Also, I need some type of solid meat with most of my food so I opted for bite sized chicken pieces and shrimp to accompany the vodka sauce and my pasta. I tweaked the recipe some more by adding the chicken after the cream to cook for about 4 minutes THEN I added the shrimp and vodka last so that the alcohol didn’t burn all the way out. I only cooked for 4 more minutes once vodka was in the pot. In the end, I was totally satisfied! I personally did not taste the vodka but the sauce was rich, flavorful and quite filling too! I couldn’t be more happier that I ran across the recipe and went on to try it! I hope you, too, will give this recipe a spin. I promise it’d be so worth it!

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3 thoughts on “It’s really true! Alcohol does boost flavor.

  1. Yes…yes it does…espically when yu baking lol…havent used vodka yet, but fruit flavoured rums adds a nice kick to most stuff….particularly cheesecake….only thing is is that sometimes yu can put too much in and whatever yur baking comes kina harsh tasting…happened to me once with a chocolate cheesecake i put orange curaco in…i found it kina harsh and kina too citrusy tasting, but everybody else loved it lol

    • I try not to bake too much with alcohol because I hardly taste it so usually if I’m making a cake I just lace the frosting with the alcohol. Works very nicely for me.

      And I’m kinda anti-orange liqueurs. Cointreau, Grand Marnier etc just leave this medicine-ish (TheraFlu-ish) taste in my mouth.

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