Lucky Lemon Seven

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? Well I can and it sure does feel good. I have not seen an inch of snow this winter and by the looks (and feel) of things, I won’t be seeing it either. Yesterday it was about 75 degrees! I couldn’t stay in the house on such a beautiful day! But to the matter at hand – this beautiful and refreshing drink. This cocktail is the perfect start to the Spring season. It’s a delightful mix of vodka, lemon and 7Up. Simple, eh? Well, it’s delicious too!!

Recipe from The Slow Roasted Italian – Thanks!

5 small lemons, sliced thin (divided)
6 ounces Grey Goose vodka
8-16 ounces 7-Up (to taste)
8 ice cubes

1. Fill a large glass with the slices from 4 lemons. Add vodka, allow to set for 15 minutes and then using a muddler, muddle thoroughly. Your lemons should be shredded when done.
2. In two fresh large glasses with 4 ice cubes in each and 1/2 of the remaining lemon slices in each, pour 1/2 of the lemon vodka mixture through a strainer and into each glass. Add 4-8 ounces of 7-Up to each glass and serve.

Bye For Now…..


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